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We All Share The Trail System

This is a little bit of a tangent from my normal commentary but I think it is important to say so I hope you will humor me…

I’m an avid user of the trails in Plymouth between Medicine Lake and Parker’s Lake, which then connects to the Luce Line that seems to go on forever.  I’m on them frequently this time of year in preparation for the MS150, a two day, 150 mile bike ride to raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis.  Occassionally I see some things that people do that drive me nuts:

  1. Loose dogs.  This is my #1 frustration.  A loose dog is extremely dangerous for both the dog and the other users of the trail.  I was run off the trail this weekend by a dog running right at me and last week I nearly ran over one.  These dog owners are violating the law and also putting themselves, their pets and everyone else at risk.  What happens when someone gets hurt from a loose dog?  I can bet their owner will have a huge medical bill to pay…
  2. Trail hogs.  If you are on the trail, stay on your side (right side of the direction you are traveling) and make sure to keep your head up.  Walking aimlessly down the middle of the trail is a great way to get yourself or someone else hurt.
  3. Illegal dumpers.  I see homeowners along the trail dump their yard trash on the far side of the trail.  The trail system is not your compost heap.
  4. Inattentive drivers.  It can sometimes take several minutes to cross some intersections at rush hour because cars do not yield to drivers.  On a four lane road two drivers will stop but the rest will keep on driving.

Our trail system is an phenomenal asset to all of us!  If you are not currently using them, I suggest you go out and explore them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Louisville Real Estate
Louisville Real Estate

I totally agree with you on the Trail Hogging thing. Its shameful that people can be so disrespectful and unaware of others around them. Unfortunately it's just one of those things we have to live with.


You are right on, Aaron. I had one situation on the SW trails near Excelsior where the traffic stoppped in both directions and someone behind those cars tried to pass on the right side driving over the white line on the shoulder. Do you need a sponsor?


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