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twin-cities-1-in-six-homes-purchased-cash-2010 1 page
Twin Cities: 1 in 6 Homes Purchased With Cash in 1st Half of 2010
fha-loans-40-percent-of-sales-in-twin-cities 1 page
FHA Loans Make up Nearly 40% of Real Estate Sales in Twin Cities in 2009
will-rising-interest-rates-affect-home-sales-in-2010 1 page
Will Rising Interest Rates Affect Home Sales in 2010?
in-a-short-sale-who-represents-the-lender 1 page
In A Short Sale, Who Represents The Lender?
8-predictions-for-2010-housing-market 1 page
8 Predictions for 2010 Housing Market
minnesota-to-offer-rebates-for-new-appliances 1 page
Minnesota to Offer Rebates up to $200 for New Appliances!
how-much-shadow-inventory-is-there 1 page
How Much 'Shadow Inventory' Is There?
foreclosures-doing-the-right-thing 1 page
Foreclosures: Doing the Right Thing
explanation-why-hafa-will-not-help-short-sales-with-2nd-mortgages 1 page
Simple Explanation For Why HAFA Will Not Help Short Sales With 2nd Mortgages
twin-cities-housing-statistics 1 page
Twin Cities Housing Statistics
think-realtors-are-rich 1 page
Think REALTORS Are Rich?
first-time-buyer-homes-in-short-supply-in-twin-cities 1 page
First Time Buyer Homes In Short Supply In Twin Cities
post-tax-credit-property-purchasing-plummet 1 page
The Post Tax Credit Property Purchasing Plummet
should-you-buy-short-sale-home 1 page
Should You Buy A Short Sale?
minnesota-housing-partnership-releases-updated-report 1 page
Minnesota Housing Partnership Releases Updated Report
why-loan-modifications-short-sales-are-so-tough 1 page
Why Loan Modifications & Short Sales Are So Tough
homes-condos-townhomes-rent-twin-cities-mls 1 page
House/Condo/Townhome Rentals Coming Soon to Twin Cities MLS
tips-on-buying-a-short-sale-property 1 page
Tips on Buying a Short Sale Property
foreclosures-short-sales-reo-bank-owned 1 page
Foreclosures & Short Sales – What's The Difference?
twin-cities-short-sale-help 1 page
Twin Cities Short Sale Help For Sellers
foreclosures-that-dont-close-on-time 1 page
Foreclosures That Don't Close On Time
minneapolisst-paul-housing-affordability-hits-highest-level-since-july-2005 1 page
Minneapolis/St. Paul Housing Affordability Hits Highest Level Since July 2005
buying-new-construction 1 page
Buying New Construction
why-a-web-site-is-like-an-open-house 1 page
Why a Web Site is Like an Open House
twin-cities-real-estate-affordability-hits-34-month-high 1 page
Twin Cities Real Estate Affordability Hits 34 Month High
two-graphs-one-message 1 page
Two Graphs – One Message for The Twin Cities Real Estate Market
foreclosures-short-sales-often-a-bad-deal 1 page
Foreclosures & Short Sales: Often a Bad Deal
west-metro-cities-post-crime-data-online 1 page
West Metro Cities Post Crime Data Online
9-percent-of-twin-cities-mls-listings-distressed-sales 1 page
Nearly 9% of Twin Cities MLS Listings Distressed Sales?
mortgage-solicitation 1 page
Mortgage Solicitation
minneapolisst-paul-1-for-business 1 page
Minneapolis/St. Paul #1 for Business
worthless-mls-listing 1 page
Worthless MLS Listing
agents-becoming-spammers 1 page
Agents Becoming Spammers
relocating-to-the-twin-cities 1 page
Relocating to the Twin Cities
minneapolisst-paul-days-on-market 1 page
Minneapolis/St. Paul Days on Market
minneapolis-housing-inventory-begins-its-spring-market-climb 1 page
Minneapolis Housing Inventory Begins its “Spring Market” Climb
our-market-hasnt-hit-bottom-yet 1 page
Our Market Hasn't Hit Bottom Yet
townhomes-and-condos-they-can-be-easier-to-sell-right-now 1 page
Townhomes and Condos – They can be Easier to Sell Right Now
1st-time-buyers-hurting-twin-cities-market 1 page
Lack of 1st Time Buyers Hurting Twin Cities Market
houses-good-deal-or-not 1 page
Houses – When is a Good Deal a Good Deal?
2005-to-2007-a-tale-of-two-markets 1 page
2005 to 2007 – A Tale of Two Markets
twin-cities-housing-supply-still-growing 1 page
Twin Cities Housing Supply Still Growing
weekend-mortgage-rates-2 1 page
Weekend Mortgage Rates
other-important-questions-to-ask-your-loan-officer 1 page
Other Important Questions to Ask Your Loan Officer
purchase-agreements-arbitration 1 page
Real Estate Purchase Agreements: Arbitration
multiple-offers-back-with-vigor 1 page
Multiple Offers – Back with Vigor?
bank-owned-reo-foreclosure-pre-foreclosure-short-sale-sheriffs-sale-explained 1 page
Bank Owned, REO, Foreclosure, Pre-Foreclosure, Short Sale, Sheriff’s Sale – Explained
banks-their-own-worst-enemy 1 page
Banks: Their Own Worst Enemy
some-clients-are-tougher-than-others 1 page
Some clients are tougher than others
twin-cities-listings-overpricing-will-hurt-you-bad 1 page
Twin Cities Listings – Overpricing Will Hurt You… Bad!
the-average-twin-cities-home-is-overpriced-by-10000-when-first-listed 1 page
The Average Twin Cities Home is Overpriced by $10,000 When First Listed
interest-rates-heading-lower 1 page
Interest Rates Heading Lower?
banks-tell-sub-prime-mortgage-originators-to-take-back-their-garbage 1 page
Banks Tell Sub-Prime Mortgage Originators to Take Back Their Garbage
bad-lender-almost-ruins-closing-good-lender-saves-the-day 1 page
Bad Lender Almost Ruins Closing – Good Lender Saves the Day
better-photos-using-high-dynamic-range-hdr-photo-editing 1 page
Better Photos Using High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photo Editing
ups-or-amazon-calls-you-for-a-delivery 1 page
UPS (or Amazon) Calls You For a Delivery
finding-townhomes-in-the-dark 1 page
Finding Townhomes in the Dark
twin-cities-housing-market-improving 1 page
Twin Cities Housing Market Improving?
subprime-market-and-no-doc-loans-are-still-good-for-housing 1 page
Subprime Market and "No Doc" Loans are Still Good for Housing
radon-gas-what-you-should-know 1 page
Radon Gas – What You Should Know
disclose-disclose-disclose 1 page
Disclose, Disclose, Disclose
how-many-houses-are-too-many-for-buyers 1 page
How Many Houses are Too Many for Buyers?
weekend-mortgage-rates 1 page
Weekend Mortgage Rates
save-some-money-on-a-new-water-heater 1 page
Save Some Money on a New Water Heater
new-term-proceedings-subsequent 1 page
New Term: Proceedings Subsequent
overpricing-a-horrible-way-to-sell-your-home 1 page
Overpricing- A Horrible Way to Sell Your Home
sign-pollution-spam-for-the-real-world 1 page
Sign Pollution – SPAM for the Real World
the-best-time-of-year-to-buy-a-home 1 page
The Best Time of Year to Buy a Home
convincing-people-not-to-sell 1 page
Convincing People Not to Sell
edina-realty-mortgage-offers-up-to-500-off-closing-costs 1 page
Edina Realty Mortgage offers up to $500 off closing costs!
buyers-will-your-lender-be-there-at-closing 1 page
Buyers: Will Your Lender be There at Closing?
tax-rebates-on-energy-efficient-upgrades 1 page
Tax Rebates on Energy Efficient Upgrades
awesome-new-market-statistics 1 page
Awesome New Market Statistics from MAAR
top-reasons-consumers-choose-a-realtor 1 page
Top Reasons Consumers Choose a Realtor
foreclosure-assistance-for-minnesotans 1 page
Foreclosure Assistance for Minnesotans
golden-valley-ii-conundrum 1 page
Golden Valley's Inflow/Infiltration Conundrum
not-all-realtors-are-republicans-im-no-dummy-and-i-hate-looking-stupid 1 page
Not all REALTORS are Republicans, I’m no Dummy, and I Hate Looking Stupid
how-many-homes-to-see-before-you-buy 1 page
How Many Homes to See Before You Buy?
golden-valley-revises-ii-inspection-requirements 1 page
Golden Valley Revises I/I Inspection Requirements
golden-valleys-hidden-131-million-dollar-tax 1 page
Golden Valley's Hidden 13.1 Million Dollar Tax
we-all-share-the-trail-system 1 page
We All Share The Trail System
twin-cities-home-sales-on-strongest-pace-in-6-years 1 page
Twin Cities Home Sales on Strongest Pace in 6 Years
twin-cities-home-prices 1 page
Twin Cities Home Prices – A Couple Thoughts
negotiating-non-typical-personal-property 1 page
Negotiating Non-Typical Personal Property
twin-cities-traditional-seller-inventory-down-70-percent 1 page
Twin Cities Traditional Seller Inventory Down 70%
twin-cities-housing-markets-record-low-inventory-continues-to-decline 1 page
Twin Cities Housing Market’s Record Low Inventory Continues to Decline
twin-cities-fewer-foreclosures-in-2013 1 page
Twin Cities Foreclosure Forecast: Fewer Foreclosures in 2013
twin-cities-foreclosures-plummet 1 page
Twin Cities Foreclosures Plummet
twin-cities-record-low-housing-inventory-poised-to-drop-further 1 page
Twin Cities’ Record Low Housing Inventory Poised To Drop Further
agent-networking-outside-the-mls 1 page
Agent Networking Outside the MLS
berkshire-hathaway-homeservices-next-step 1 page
This Should Be Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ Next Step
twin-cities-home-sales-2nd-highest-since-2006 1 page
Twin Cities Home Sales Surge to 2nd Highest Since 2006
twin-cities-housing-market-has-bottomed 1 page
The Twin Cities Housing Market Has Bottomed
twin-cities-traditional-home-sales-surge-in-january 1 page
Twin Cities Traditional Home Sales Surge in January
twin-cities-home-prices-continue-climb 1 page
Twin Cities Home Prices Continue Climb
twin-cities-home-prices-have-bottomed 1 page
Twin Cities Home Prices Have Bottomed
home-buying-when-an-offer-negotiation-becomes-an-auction 1 page
Home Buying: When an Offer Negotiation Becomes an Auction
twin-cities-foreclosure-homes-for-sale-down-60-percent 1 page
Twin Cities Foreclosure Homes For Sale Down 60% From Peak
twin-cities-home-affordability-has-peaked 1 page
Twin Cities Home Affordability Has Peaked
5-ways-low-inventory-will-save-housing-market 1 page
5 Ways Low Inventory Will Save The Housing Market
minnesota-foreclosures-down-10-percent 1 page
Minnesota Foreclosures Down 10%
minnesota-preforeclosure-notices-drop-25 1 page
Minnesota Preforeclosure Notices Drop 25%
multiple-offer-madness 1 page
Multiple Offer Madness
2012-twin-cities-housing-turnaround 1 page
2012: Twin Cities Housing Turnaround
edina-realty-changed-listing-syndication 1 page
Edina Realty Changed Listing Syndication
twin-cities-preforeclosure-notices-2nd-lowest 1 page
Twin Cities Preforeclosure Notices at 2nd Lowest Since 2009
minnesota-pre-foreclosure-notices-drop-to-new-lows 1 page
Minnesota Pre-Foreclosure Notices Drop to New Lows
shadow-inventory-the-housing-markets-boogieman 1 page
Shadow Inventory – The Housing Market’s Boogieman
minnesota-home-foreclosures-dropped-2011 1 page
Minnesota Home Foreclosures Dropped 17% in 2011
mls-misinformation 1 page
MLS Misinformation
a-mortgage-modification-in-just-10-days 1 page
A Mortgage Modification in Just 7 Days!
minnesota-foreclosures-down-32-percent 1 page
Minnesota Foreclosures in Q3 2011 Down 32% from Q3 2010
twin-cities-real-estate-market-update 1 page
Twin Cities Real Estate Market Update - October 30, 2011
cash-buyers-nearly-30-percent-of-all-twin-cities-sales 1 page
Cash Buyers Nearly 30% of All February Twin Cities Home Sales
1-in-4-twin-cities-homes-bought-with-cash-in-january 1 page
1 in 4 Twin Cities Homes Bought With Cash in January
twin-cities-sellers-taking-a-vacation 1 page
Twin Cities Sellers Taking a Vacation
twin-cities-homes-for-sale-inventory-hits-7-year-low 1 page
Twin Cities Homes For Sale Inventory Hits 7 Year Low
foreclosures-are-a-lagging-indicator 1 page
Foreclosures are a Lagging Indicator
twin-cities-foreclosures-hit-4-year-low 1 page
Twin Cities Foreclosures Hit 4+ Year Low
twin-cities-2011-housing-market-prediction-party-like-its-2009 1 page
Twin Cities 2011 Housing Market Prediction: Party Like It's 2009
twin-cities-cash-home-purchases-at-record-breaking-levels 1 page
Twin Cities Cash Home Purchases At Record-Breaking Levels
pricing-your-home-right-for-todays-market 1 page
Pricing Your Home Right for Today's Market
foreclosures-short-sales-dont-matter-house-prices 1 page
Foreclosures and Short Sales Don't Matter to House Prices
surge-in-home-buyer-interest 1 page
Surge in Twin Cities Home Buyer Interest?
minnetonka-home-sales-prices-surge-illusion 1 page
Minnetonka Homes for Sale - Sales Price Increase Illusion
1700-short-sales-waiting-bank-approval-minneapolis-st-paul 1 page
1700+ Short Sales Stuck Waiting for Bank Approval
prices-rise-prices-plummet 1 page
Traditional Seller Prices Rise, Foreclosure Prices Plummet
twin-cities-housing-mhp-2x4-report 1 page
Twin Cities Housing By The Numbers: MHP's "2×4" Report
stupidly-slow-short-sales 1 page
Stupidly Slow Short Sales That Seldom Sell
twin-cities-housing-by-the-numbers 1 page
Twin Cities Housing By The Numbers
golden-valley-proposes-property-maintenance-code 1 page
Golden Valley Proposes Property Maintenance Code
edina-realty-releases-sold-property-search 1 page
Edina Realty Releases Sold Property Search
september-2006-market-statistics-for-minneapolisst-paul 1 page
September 2006 Market Statistics for Minneapolis/St. Paul
housing-starts-down-49-this-is-great-news 1 page
Housing Starts Down 49% – This is Great News!
prices-are-officially-flat 1 page
Prices Are Officially Flat
selling-a-home-in-2006 1 page
Selling a Home in 2006
spring-parade-of-homes-going-strong 1 page
Spring Parade of Homes Going Strong
the-holiday-home-buying-guide 1 page
The Holiday Home Buying Guide
rates-tick-up-market-shows-balance 1 page
Rates tick up, market shows balance
edina-realty-top-broker-in-downtown-minneapolis 1 page
Edina Realty Top Broker in Downtown Minneapolis
august-market-statistics 1 page
August Market Statistics
open-houses-buyers-beware 1 page
Open Houses – Buyers Beware
buyers-how-the-tone-of-your-offer-can-make-the-difference 1 page
Buyers: How the “Tone” of Your Offer Can Make the Difference
mortgage-rates-take-a-dip 1 page
Mortgage Rates Take a Dip
interest-rates-ticking-up 1 page
Interest Rates Ticking Up
march-market-statistics 1 page
March Market Statistics
week-of-may-22-market-activity 1 page
Week of May 22 Market Activity
sell-now-or-wait 1 page
Sell Now or Wait?
price-competition-heating-up 1 page
Price Competition Heating Up
buyers-now-is-the-time-to-buy 1 page
Buyers: Now is the Time to Buy
buyers-are-back-in-the-market-with-fervor 1 page
Buyers are back in the market with fervor
sponsor-me-on-the-ms150-bike-tour 1 page
Sponsor Me on the MS150 Bike Tour
new-hope-homes-townhomes-condos-for-sale 1 page
New Hope Homes, Townhomes and Condos for Sale
sartell-homes-townhomes-condos-for-sale 1 page
Sartell Homes, Townhomes and Condos for Sale
sauk-rapids-homes-townhomes-condos-for-sale 1 page
Sauk Rapids Homes, Townhomes & Condos for Sale
st-cloud-homes-townhomes-condos-for-sale 1 page
St. Cloud Homes, Townhomes and Condos for Sale
vadnais-heights-homes-townhomes-condos-for-sale 1 page
Vadnais Heights Homes, Townhomes & Condos for Sale
neighborhood-suggester 1 page
Neighborhood Suggester
july-market-update 1 page
July Market Update
october-market-update 1 page
October Market Update
december-market-update 1 page
December Market Update
september-market-update 1 page
September Market Update
march-market-update 1 page
March Market Update
may-market-update 1 page
May Market Update
january-market-update 1 page
January Market Update
february-market-update 1 page
February Market Update
june-market-update 1 page
June Market Update
august-market-update 1 page
August Market Update
april-market-update 1 page
April Market Update
november-market-update 1 page
November Market Update
housing-market-still-hot 1 page
Housing Market Still Hot
buyers-are-relaxed-seller-are-nervous 1 page
Buyers are Relaxed, Seller are Nervous
great-articles 1 page
Great Articles
aaron-dickinson-named-2005-super-real-estate-agent 1 page
Aaron Dickinson named “2005 Super Real Estate Agent”
minneapolis-named-top-tech-city-in-the-usa-by-popular-science 1 page
Minneapolis named “Top Tech City” in the USA by Popular Science!
february-brings-some-good-news-some-bad-news 1 page
February brings some good news, some bad news
april-market-update-2 1 page
April Market Update
housing-market-cooling-with-weather 1 page
Housing Market Cooling with Weather
may-market-update-2 1 page
May Market Update
are-we-in-for-a-warmup 1 page
Are we in for a warmup?
housing-market-in-change 1 page
Housing Market in Change
sales-still-going-but-are-slowing 1 page
Sales still going, but are slowing
contact-me 1 page
Contact Me
about-2 1 page
About The Site
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