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sartell 29 pages
City of Sartell Homes for Sale
sauk-rapids 20 pages
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
City of Sauk Rapids Homes for Sale
vadnais-heights 10 pages
City of Vadnais Heights Homes for Sale
City of Vadnais Heights Homes for Sale
City of Vadnais Heights Homes for Sale
City of Vadnais Heights Homes for Sale
City of Vadnais Heights Homes for Sale
City of Vadnais Heights Homes for Sale
City of Vadnais Heights Homes for Sale
City of Vadnais Heights Homes for Sale
City of Vadnais Heights Homes for Sale
City of Vadnais Heights Homes for Sale
foreclosures-short-sales 1 page
Foreclosures – Short Sales
market-updates 1 page
Market Updates
mls-misinformation 1 page
MLS Misinformation
a-mortgage-modification-in-just-10-days 1 page
A Mortgage Modification in Just 7 Days!
minnesota-foreclosures-down-32-percent 1 page
Minnesota Foreclosures in Q3 2011 Down 32% from Q3 2010
twin-cities-real-estate-market-update 1 page
Twin Cities Real Estate Market Update - October 30, 2011
1-in-4-twin-cities-homes-bought-with-cash-in-january 1 page
1 in 4 Twin Cities Homes Bought With Cash in January
twin-cities-sellers-taking-a-vacation 1 page
Twin Cities Sellers Taking a Vacation
twin-cities-homes-for-sale-inventory-hits-7-year-low 1 page
Twin Cities Homes For Sale Inventory Hits 7 Year Low
foreclosures-are-a-lagging-indicator 1 page
Foreclosures are a Lagging Indicator
twin-cities-foreclosures-hit-4-year-low 1 page
Twin Cities Foreclosures Hit 4+ Year Low
twin-cities-2011-housing-market-prediction-party-like-its-2009 1 page
Twin Cities 2011 Housing Market Prediction: Party Like It's 2009
twin-cities-cash-home-purchases-at-record-breaking-levels 1 page
Twin Cities Cash Home Purchases At Record-Breaking Levels
pricing-your-home-right-for-todays-market 1 page
Pricing Your Home Right for Today's Market
foreclosures-short-sales-dont-matter-house-prices 1 page
Foreclosures and Short Sales Don't Matter to House Prices
minnetonka-home-sales-prices-surge-illusion 1 page
Minnetonka Homes for Sale - Sales Price Increase Illusion
surge-in-home-buyer-interest 1 page
Surge in Twin Cities Home Buyer Interest?
1700-short-sales-waiting-bank-approval-minneapolis-st-paul 1 page
1700+ Short Sales Stuck Waiting for Bank Approval
prices-rise-prices-plummet 1 page
Traditional Seller Prices Rise, Foreclosure Prices Plummet
twin-cities-housing-mhp-2x4-report 1 page
Twin Cities Housing By The Numbers: MHP's "2×4" Report
cash-buyers-nearly-30-percent-of-all-twin-cities-sales 1 page
Cash Buyers Nearly 30% of All February Twin Cities Home Sales
stupidly-slow-short-sales 1 page
Stupidly Slow Short Sales That Seldom Sell
twin-cities-housing-by-the-numbers 1 page
Twin Cities Housing By The Numbers
mndot-discussing-169-494-interchange-again 1 page
Mn/DOT Discussing 169/494 Interchange – Again
home-for-sale-stonemill-farms 1 page
Fantastically Priced One Level Home for Sale in Stonemill Farms
dont-buy-a-house 1 page
Don't Buy A House
usda-rural-development-program 1 page
USDA Rural Development Program Receives Cash Infusion
usda-rural-development-100-financing-program-funding-ending 1 page
USDA Rural Development 100% Financing Program Funding Ending
twin-cities-real-estate-may-market-update 1 page
Twin Cities Housing Market Statistics - May 2010
foreclosure-moratorium 1 page
Bank of America Foreclosure Halt Mean Buyers Left Without a Home?
are-home-prices-in-twin-cities-rising 1 page
Are Home Prices In The Twin Cities Rising?
house-has-spectacular-room-to-grow-marijuana 1 page
House Has "Spectacular Room to Grow Marijuana"
investors-competing-with-home-buyers-on-foreclosures 1 page
Investors Competing with Home Buyers on Foreclosures
1300-short-sales-waiting-lender-approval 1 page
1300 Sellers in Twin Cities Waiting for Lender Short Sale Approvals
twin-cities-home-buyer-financing 1 page
Twin Cities Home Buyer Financing Over The Years
twin-cities-house-prices 1 page
2010 Twin Cities House Prices – Fall Forecast
im-taking-myself-out-of-the-house-buying-frenzy 1 page
"I'm taking myself out of the house-buying frenzy until after the end of April"
maple-grove-mn-new-construction-homes-for-sale 1 page
Changes in Maple Grove New Home Construction
qa-permits 1 page
Q&A – What if I Didn't Pull Permits?
foreclosure-and-mortgage-delinquency-data-released 1 page
Foreclosure and Mortgage Delinquency Data Released
minnesota-appliance-rebate-program-details-released 1 page
Minnesota Appliance Rebate Program Details Released – Up To $200 Back!
40-percent-twin-cities-home-purchases-use-fha-2010 1 page
40% Of Twin Cities Home Purchasers Used FHA In 1st Half 2010
financing-condos-becoming-very-difficult 1 page
Financing For Some Condos Becoming Very, Very, Very Difficult
foreclosure-tidal-wave 1 page
2010 Foreclosure "Tidal Wave" Just Another High Tide?
twin-cities-home-sales-plummet 1 page
Twin Cities Home Sales Plummet
higher-end-twin-cities-foreclosures 1 page
Are Higher-End Twin Cities Foreclosures Coming?
map-of-2009-twin-cities-foreclosures-short-sales 1 page
Map of 2009 Twin Cities Foreclosures & Short Sales
twin-cities-pre-foreclosure-notices 1 page
2010 Twin Cities Pre-Foreclosure Notices up 20% vs 2009
8-predictions-2010-twin-cities-housing-market 1 page
8 Predictions for 2010 Twin Cities Housing Market – August Update
edina-realty-june-market-update 1 page
Edina Realty Twin Cities June 2010 Market Update
twin-cities-housing-forecast 1 page
Twin Cities Housing Forecast: It's November in June!
twin-cities-pending-home-sales 1 page
Twin Cities Pending Home Sales Continue Drop
twin-cities-pending-home-sales-climb 1 page
Twin Cities Home Sales Climb 10% !!!!
how-much-commission-is-too-much 1 page
How Much Commission is Too Much?
bank-owned-homes-cash-buyers 1 page
2 in 3 Bank Owned Homes Under $100k Sold to Cash Buyers
foreclosure-process-in-minnesota 1 page
Foreclosure Process in Minnesota
will-rising-interest-rates-affect-home-sales-in-2010 1 page
Will Rising Interest Rates Affect Home Sales in 2010?
twin-cities-home-sales-have-best-week-since-2005 1 page
Twin Cities Home Sales Have Best Week Since 2005
twin-cities-buyer-activity-very-slow 1 page
Twin Cities Home Buyer Activity Down More Than 30% vs. Last Year
twin-cities-buyer-activity-still-down-40-vs-last-year 1 page
Twin Cities Buyer Activity Still Down 40% Vs. Last Year
twin-cities-buyers-market 1 page
Twin Cities Sudden Buyer's Market
fha-loans-40-percent-of-sales-in-twin-cities 1 page
FHA Loans Make up Nearly 40% of Real Estate Sales in Twin Cities in 2009
in-a-short-sale-who-represents-the-lender 1 page
In A Short Sale, Who Represents The Lender?
twin-cities-1-in-six-homes-purchased-cash-2010 1 page
Twin Cities: 1 in 6 Homes Purchased With Cash in 1st Half of 2010
8-predictions-for-2010-housing-market 1 page
8 Predictions for 2010 Housing Market
minnesota-to-offer-rebates-for-new-appliances 1 page
Minnesota to Offer Rebates up to $200 for New Appliances!
how-much-shadow-inventory-is-there 1 page
How Much 'Shadow Inventory' Is There?
foreclosures-doing-the-right-thing 1 page
Foreclosures: Doing the Right Thing
explanation-why-hafa-will-not-help-short-sales-with-2nd-mortgages 1 page
Simple Explanation For Why HAFA Will Not Help Short Sales With 2nd Mortgages
twin-cities-housing-statistics 1 page
Twin Cities Housing Statistics
think-realtors-are-rich 1 page
Think REALTORS Are Rich?
first-time-buyer-homes-in-short-supply-in-twin-cities 1 page
First Time Buyer Homes In Short Supply In Twin Cities
post-tax-credit-property-purchasing-plummet 1 page
The Post Tax Credit Property Purchasing Plummet
should-you-buy-short-sale-home 1 page
Should You Buy A Short Sale?
minnesota-housing-partnership-releases-updated-report 1 page
Minnesota Housing Partnership Releases Updated Report
why-loan-modifications-short-sales-are-so-tough 1 page
Why Loan Modifications & Short Sales Are So Tough
homes-condos-townhomes-rent-twin-cities-mls 1 page
House/Condo/Townhome Rentals Coming Soon to Twin Cities MLS
tips-on-buying-a-short-sale-property 1 page
Tips on Buying a Short Sale Property
only-60-days-till-the-tax-credit-expires 1 page
Only 60 days till the tax credit expires!
foreclosures-short-sales-reo-bank-owned 1 page
Foreclosures & Short Sales – What's The Difference?
twin-cities-short-sale-help 1 page
Twin Cities Short Sale Help For Sellers
new-and-repeat-home-buyer-tax-credit-information 1 page
New and Repeat Home Buyer Tax Credit Information
foreclosures-that-dont-close-on-time 1 page
Foreclosures That Don't Close On Time
why-sellers-should-list-their-home-now 1 page
Why Sellers Should List Their Home For Sale Now
buying-new-construction 1 page
Buying New Construction
why-a-web-site-is-like-an-open-house 1 page
Why a Web Site is Like an Open House
twin-cities-real-estate-affordability-hits-34-month-high 1 page
Twin Cities Real Estate Affordability Hits 34 Month High
two-graphs-one-message 1 page
Two Graphs – One Message for The Twin Cities Real Estate Market
foreclosures-short-sales-often-a-bad-deal 1 page
Foreclosures & Short Sales: Often a Bad Deal
west-metro-cities-post-crime-data-online 1 page
West Metro Cities Post Crime Data Online
9-percent-of-twin-cities-mls-listings-distressed-sales 1 page
Nearly 9% of Twin Cities MLS Listings Distressed Sales?
mortgage-solicitation 1 page
Mortgage Solicitation
minneapolisst-paul-1-for-business 1 page
Minneapolis/St. Paul #1 for Business
the-average-twin-cities-home-is-overpriced-by-10000-when-first-listed 1 page
The Average Twin Cities Home is Overpriced by $10,000 When First Listed
worthless-mls-listing 1 page
Worthless MLS Listing
agents-becoming-spammers 1 page
Agents Becoming Spammers
relocating-to-the-twin-cities 1 page
Relocating to the Twin Cities
minneapolisst-paul-days-on-market 1 page
Minneapolis/St. Paul Days on Market
minneapolis-housing-inventory-begins-its-spring-market-climb 1 page
Minneapolis Housing Inventory Begins its “Spring Market” Climb
our-market-hasnt-hit-bottom-yet 1 page
Our Market Hasn't Hit Bottom Yet
townhomes-and-condos-they-can-be-easier-to-sell-right-now 1 page
Townhomes and Condos – They can be Easier to Sell Right Now
1st-time-buyers-hurting-twin-cities-market 1 page
Lack of 1st Time Buyers Hurting Twin Cities Market
houses-good-deal-or-not 1 page
Houses – When is a Good Deal a Good Deal?
minneapolisst-paul-housing-affordability-hits-highest-level-since-july-2005 1 page
Minneapolis/St. Paul Housing Affordability Hits Highest Level Since July 2005
2005-to-2007-a-tale-of-two-markets 1 page
2005 to 2007 – A Tale of Two Markets
twin-cities-housing-supply-still-growing 1 page
Twin Cities Housing Supply Still Growing
weekend-mortgage-rates-2 1 page
Weekend Mortgage Rates
other-important-questions-to-ask-your-loan-officer 1 page
Other Important Questions to Ask Your Loan Officer
purchase-agreements-arbitration 1 page
Real Estate Purchase Agreements: Arbitration
multiple-offers-back-with-vigor 1 page
Multiple Offers – Back with Vigor?
bank-owned-reo-foreclosure-pre-foreclosure-short-sale-sheriffs-sale-explained 1 page
Bank Owned, REO, Foreclosure, Pre-Foreclosure, Short Sale, Sheriff’s Sale – Explained
banks-their-own-worst-enemy 1 page
Banks: Their Own Worst Enemy
some-clients-are-tougher-than-others 1 page
Some clients are tougher than others
twin-cities-listings-overpricing-will-hurt-you-bad 1 page
Twin Cities Listings – Overpricing Will Hurt You… Bad!
interest-rates-heading-lower 1 page
Interest Rates Heading Lower?
banks-tell-sub-prime-mortgage-originators-to-take-back-their-garbage 1 page
Banks Tell Sub-Prime Mortgage Originators to Take Back Their Garbage
bad-lender-almost-ruins-closing-good-lender-saves-the-day 1 page
Bad Lender Almost Ruins Closing – Good Lender Saves the Day
better-photos-using-high-dynamic-range-hdr-photo-editing 1 page
Better Photos Using High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photo Editing
ups-or-amazon-calls-you-for-a-delivery 1 page
UPS (or Amazon) Calls You For a Delivery
finding-townhomes-in-the-dark 1 page
Finding Townhomes in the Dark
twin-cities-housing-market-improving 1 page
Twin Cities Housing Market Improving?
subprime-market-and-no-doc-loans-are-still-good-for-housing 1 page
Subprime Market and "No Doc" Loans are Still Good for Housing
radon-gas-what-you-should-know 1 page
Radon Gas – What You Should Know
disclose-disclose-disclose 1 page
Disclose, Disclose, Disclose
how-many-houses-are-too-many-for-buyers 1 page
How Many Houses are Too Many for Buyers?
weekend-mortgage-rates 1 page
Weekend Mortgage Rates
save-some-money-on-a-new-water-heater 1 page
Save Some Money on a New Water Heater
new-term-proceedings-subsequent 1 page
New Term: Proceedings Subsequent
overpricing-a-horrible-way-to-sell-your-home 1 page
Overpricing- A Horrible Way to Sell Your Home
sign-pollution-spam-for-the-real-world 1 page
Sign Pollution – SPAM for the Real World
the-best-time-of-year-to-buy-a-home 1 page
The Best Time of Year to Buy a Home
convincing-people-not-to-sell 1 page
Convincing People Not to Sell
edina-realty-mortgage-offers-up-to-500-off-closing-costs 1 page
Edina Realty Mortgage offers up to $500 off closing costs!
buyers-will-your-lender-be-there-at-closing 1 page
Buyers: Will Your Lender be There at Closing?
tax-rebates-on-energy-efficient-upgrades 1 page
Tax Rebates on Energy Efficient Upgrades
awesome-new-market-statistics 1 page
Awesome New Market Statistics from MAAR
top-reasons-consumers-choose-a-realtor 1 page
Top Reasons Consumers Choose a Realtor
foreclosure-assistance-for-minnesotans 1 page
Foreclosure Assistance for Minnesotans
golden-valley-ii-conundrum 1 page
Golden Valley's Inflow/Infiltration Conundrum
not-all-realtors-are-republicans-im-no-dummy-and-i-hate-looking-stupid 1 page
Not all REALTORS are Republicans, I’m no Dummy, and I Hate Looking Stupid
how-many-homes-to-see-before-you-buy 1 page
How Many Homes to See Before You Buy?
golden-valley-revises-ii-inspection-requirements 1 page
Golden Valley Revises I/I Inspection Requirements
golden-valleys-hidden-131-million-dollar-tax 1 page
Golden Valley's Hidden 13.1 Million Dollar Tax
we-all-share-the-trail-system 1 page
We All Share The Trail System
golden-valley-proposes-property-maintenance-code 1 page
Golden Valley Proposes Property Maintenance Code
edina-realty-releases-sold-property-search 1 page
Edina Realty Releases Sold Property Search
selling-a-home-in-2006 1 page
Selling a Home in 2006
housing-starts-down-49-this-is-great-news 1 page
Housing Starts Down 49% – This is Great News!
spring-parade-of-homes-going-strong 1 page
Spring Parade of Homes Going Strong
the-holiday-home-buying-guide 1 page
The Holiday Home Buying Guide
prices-are-officially-flat 1 page
Prices Are Officially Flat
rates-tick-up-market-shows-balance 1 page
Rates tick up, market shows balance
edina-realty-top-broker-in-downtown-minneapolis 1 page
Edina Realty Top Broker in Downtown Minneapolis
august-market-statistics 1 page
August Market Statistics
open-houses-buyers-beware 1 page
Open Houses – Buyers Beware
buyers-how-the-tone-of-your-offer-can-make-the-difference 1 page
Buyers: How the “Tone” of Your Offer Can Make the Difference
september-2006-market-statistics-for-minneapolisst-paul 1 page
September 2006 Market Statistics for Minneapolis/St. Paul
mortgage-rates-take-a-dip 1 page
Mortgage Rates Take a Dip
week-of-may-22-market-activity 1 page
Week of May 22 Market Activity
sell-now-or-wait 1 page
Sell Now or Wait?
price-competition-heating-up 1 page
Price Competition Heating Up
buyers-now-is-the-time-to-buy 1 page
Buyers: Now is the Time to Buy
march-market-statistics 1 page
March Market Statistics
buyers-are-back-in-the-market-with-fervor 1 page
Buyers are back in the market with fervor
interest-rates-ticking-up 1 page
Interest Rates Ticking Up
sponsor-me-on-the-ms150-bike-tour 1 page
Sponsor Me on the MS150 Bike Tour
negotiating-non-typical-personal-property 1 page
Negotiating Non-Typical Personal Property
twin-cities-traditional-seller-inventory-down-70-percent 1 page
Twin Cities Traditional Seller Inventory Down 70%
twin-cities-housing-markets-record-low-inventory-continues-to-decline 1 page
Twin Cities Housing Market’s Record Low Inventory Continues to Decline
twin-cities-fewer-foreclosures-in-2013 1 page
Twin Cities Foreclosure Forecast: Fewer Foreclosures in 2013
twin-cities-foreclosures-plummet 1 page
Twin Cities Foreclosures Plummet
twin-cities-record-low-housing-inventory-poised-to-drop-further 1 page
Twin Cities’ Record Low Housing Inventory Poised To Drop Further
agent-networking-outside-the-mls 1 page
Agent Networking Outside the MLS
berkshire-hathaway-homeservices-next-step 1 page
This Should Be Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ Next Step
twin-cities-home-prices-continue-climb 1 page
Twin Cities Home Prices Continue Climb
twin-cities-home-prices-have-bottomed 1 page
Twin Cities Home Prices Have Bottomed
twin-cities-home-prices 1 page
Twin Cities Home Prices – A Couple Thoughts
home-buying-when-an-offer-negotiation-becomes-an-auction 1 page
Home Buying: When an Offer Negotiation Becomes an Auction
twin-cities-foreclosure-homes-for-sale-down-60-percent 1 page
Twin Cities Foreclosure Homes For Sale Down 60% From Peak
twin-cities-home-affordability-has-peaked 1 page
Twin Cities Home Affordability Has Peaked
twin-cities-traditional-home-sales-surge-in-january 1 page
Twin Cities Traditional Home Sales Surge in January
twin-cities-housing-market-has-bottomed 1 page
The Twin Cities Housing Market Has Bottomed
5-ways-low-inventory-will-save-housing-market 1 page
5 Ways Low Inventory Will Save The Housing Market
minnesota-foreclosures-down-10-percent 1 page
Minnesota Foreclosures Down 10%
minnesota-preforeclosure-notices-drop-25 1 page
Minnesota Preforeclosure Notices Drop 25%
twin-cities-home-sales-2nd-highest-since-2006 1 page
Twin Cities Home Sales Surge to 2nd Highest Since 2006
twin-cities-home-sales-on-strongest-pace-in-6-years 1 page
Twin Cities Home Sales on Strongest Pace in 6 Years
multiple-offer-madness 1 page
Multiple Offer Madness
2012-twin-cities-housing-turnaround 1 page
2012: Twin Cities Housing Turnaround
edina-realty-changed-listing-syndication 1 page
Edina Realty Changed Listing Syndication
minnesota-pre-foreclosure-notices-drop-to-new-lows 1 page
Minnesota Pre-Foreclosure Notices Drop to New Lows
twin-cities-preforeclosure-notices-2nd-lowest 1 page
Twin Cities Preforeclosure Notices at 2nd Lowest Since 2009
shadow-inventory-the-housing-markets-boogieman 1 page
Shadow Inventory – The Housing Market’s Boogieman
minnesota-home-foreclosures-dropped-2011 1 page
Minnesota Home Foreclosures Dropped 17% in 2011
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new-hope-homes-townhomes-condos-for-sale 1 page
New Hope Homes, Townhomes and Condos for Sale
sartell-homes-townhomes-condos-for-sale 1 page
Sartell Homes, Townhomes and Condos for Sale
sauk-rapids-homes-townhomes-condos-for-sale 1 page
Sauk Rapids Homes, Townhomes & Condos for Sale
st-cloud-homes-townhomes-condos-for-sale 1 page
St. Cloud Homes, Townhomes and Condos for Sale
vadnais-heights-homes-townhomes-condos-for-sale 1 page
Vadnais Heights Homes, Townhomes & Condos for Sale
neighborhood-suggester 1 page
Neighborhood Suggester
housing-market-still-hot 1 page
Housing Market Still Hot
buyers-are-relaxed-seller-are-nervous 1 page
Buyers are Relaxed, Seller are Nervous
great-articles 1 page
Great Articles
aaron-dickinson-named-2005-super-real-estate-agent 1 page
Aaron Dickinson named “2005 Super Real Estate Agent”
minneapolis-named-top-tech-city-in-the-usa-by-popular-science 1 page
Minneapolis named “Top Tech City” in the USA by Popular Science!
april-market-update-2 1 page
April Market Update
february-brings-some-good-news-some-bad-news 1 page
February brings some good news, some bad news
housing-market-cooling-with-weather 1 page
Housing Market Cooling with Weather
may-market-update-2 1 page
May Market Update
are-we-in-for-a-warmup 1 page
Are we in for a warmup?
housing-market-in-change 1 page
Housing Market in Change
sales-still-going-but-are-slowing 1 page
Sales still going, but are slowing
october-market-update 1 page
October Market Update
december-market-update 1 page
December Market Update
march-market-update 1 page
March Market Update
august-market-update 1 page
August Market Update
february-market-update 1 page
February Market Update
june-market-update 1 page
June Market Update
september-market-update 1 page
September Market Update
january-market-update 1 page
January Market Update
april-market-update 1 page
April Market Update
may-market-update 1 page
May Market Update
july-market-update 1 page
July Market Update
november-market-update 1 page
November Market Update
contact-me 1 page
Contact Me
about-2 1 page
About The Site
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